Interesting interview.

Interesting interview.

The claim that a company of the size of Amazon that employs supposedly 560000 employees globally (not only in US) as a reason not to consider breaking up and regulating a company seems too broad, and a weak reason. Instead, the decision should be based on details.

1. First of, acquisition of Whole foods has led to addition of around 87000 employees right from that acquisition, and also close to 100000 were added recently during the last year or two after we had mentioned the dire need by large organizations to hire more people

2. Number of employees employed by Amazon as per numbers is almost 1/4th that of Walmart

3. We should also look into the quality and nature of jobs created. As per a Bloomberg article, the median salary of employees at Amazon is around $28000, which is almost half of the median income, $56000, of the country.

4. As pointed out earlier, we also need to consider HHI, and other relevant economic indices while determining the extent of monopoly by a company or group of companies.

5. Coming to acquisition, let us take the example of Whole foods acquisition. Right around acquisition, Whole foods had a p/e ratio of around 35. If the company had been given the same valuation as Amazon, which is around 250+, the valuation of Whole foods would have been significantly different.

With such kind of premium valuations that Amazon and some other companies get, it provides arsenal for these kind of companies to get into any market, as we could see them entering the space world, and also suppress any upcoming company.

Note: At least this company is better than some other companies with consistent earning and income growth.