This is how our founder's credit score stacks up over the years. Please note that there are billionaires out there, who have filed bankruptcies repeatedly, which in a way should result in lower credit scores based on the method in place. However, for someone who would like to be financially disciplined, you could retain high scores by managing your finances in an effective manner. 

As you can see, our founder never missed payments once during these 22 years even when he was a graduate student. In terms of net worth, our founder could have been worth a lot more, if not for some challenging experiences that limited and stunted his career and financial growth for no fault of his. Anyways, it is what led him to start his own organization. Thanks to all those for making this happen.

By the way, it is interesting that our founder received a letter from one of the credit card providers that his credit limit was brought down for managing his finances effectively. I guess the system prefers repeated bankruptcy filers rather than someone who manages his finances better.